Be a Superhuman

The Good Phone isn’t for most people. It’s for superhumans.

The technology industry would have you believe that your devices give you super powers. Your phone is a window into all the world’s information and a portal to connect with anyone, anytime, anywhere. In the future, wearables, AI, and maybe even implants will make you even more connected, giving you more “powers.” Unfortunately, these ideas suffer from a flawed perception of what it means to be superhuman


Being more human is what makes a superhuman, not some technologically enabled powers, and our devices fail that goal. 


Responding to more emails, posting more pictures, and watching more videos don’t make you superhuman. It makes you a robot. So does having a machine feed you algorithmically determined ideas and beliefs. 


The Good Phone is a smartphone that has no social media, no news, no entertainment, and, yes, no email. The Good Phone puts you back in control of how you engage with the world. 


Most people, by definition, are average. They live in the middle of the technology addiction curve with their devices always in reach to consume mostly unimportant information whenever the urge strikes, which is often. Humanity adapts, so this state will become a functional norm if it hasn’t already.


Those who control and avoid tech addiction will enjoy a higher quality of life than the average, centered around freedom. Freedom of time. Freedom of choice. Freedom of mind. 

Understanding the ills of device overuse is a religion, and like all religions, it’s based on intuition; an intuition that a large portion of the time you spend with your phone isn’t healthy or productive. You don’t need a scientific study to tell you that. 

Don’t be average. Be superhuman. 


Join the religion. 


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